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August 10, 2023

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota awards 3 grants to Mayo Clinic researchers

By Susan Buckles Susan Buckles (@susanbuckles)

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, a statewide bipartisan initiative, has awarded three grants to Mayo Clinic for research to improve cancer treatment and nerve regeneration. Recognizing the need for a new approach to healthcare, Minnesota lawmakers established Regenerative Medicine Minnesota a decade ago. This state funded initiative is focused on advancing regenerative medicine in research, technology, education […]

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Tags: #CAR-T cell therapy, #Dr. Alexander Shin, #Dr. Ismail Can, #Dr. Kevin Loutherback, #Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics, #nerve regeneration

June 4, 2020

Harnessing the body’s ability to heal

By Susan Buckles Susan Buckles (@susanbuckles)

Researchers at Mayo Clinic are studying ways to engineer human-like tissue to bolster the body’s ability to heal itself. Scientists in the Regenerative Medicine Biomaterials and Biomolecules Lab have engineered biomaterials that could regenerate tissue capable of restoring injured nerves and bones. They’ve discovered that biomaterials derived from polymers are biodegradable. When used along with […]

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Tags: #bone injury, #bone regeneration, #Dr. Lichun Lu, #Dr. Xifeng Liu, #Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, #nerve regeneration, #peripheral nerve damage, #Tissue engineering

January 10, 2020

Mayo Clinic Research Discovers a Molecular Switch for Repairing Central Nervous System Disorders

By Susan Buckles Susan Buckles (@susanbuckles)

A molecular switch has the ability to turn on a substance in animals that repairs neurological damage in disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Mayo Clinic researchers discovered. The early research in animal models could advance an already approved Food and Drug Administration therapy and also could lead to new strategies for treating diseases of […]

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Tags: #Dr. Isobel Scarisbrick, #multiple scleroris, #nerve regeneration, #schizophrenia, #thrombin receptor, Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, myelin regeneration, spinal cord injury

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