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Oct 18, 2015 · Uniting the Regenerative Medicine Community Through Global Collaboration

This is jerome. I have L-4&L-5 disc that are degenerative i see a chiro in wdstck ga that has a vax -D machine that does vertibral axial decompression reydrates discs is what its suppose to do …it does takes pressure off nerves but i had a stomach virus and lost alot of fuid and had to have an fluid i v bag done and my disc have not been the same since. agrrivated nerves in my siatica and pressure. burning feet . is there anything else besides vax ,exercise and drinking water that i can do .. or take vcertain supplements that will put fluid back into discs im spending 75.95 out of pocket loosin monies daily because insurance wont cover vax-D which is sad so i live in constant pain i dont want to do fusion on disc because the next ones become load berring. im loosing my health and money over this .it angers me cignas my ins carrier the exec of cigna wont cover it. there excuse is vax – D is unproven and experimental which is not so .allen e dyer invented it because he had a herniated disc himself. i need help on this big time. im reachin out i work 10 hrs a day in contruction ind .im a union electrician. im at my wits ends my neruogist doctor says i dont need fusion …itolf hom im in pain and it causes erection issues as well he laughed on that…. i didnt think that was funny at all .my email skylarcj@ gmail .com respond back asap thanks

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