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Jan 26, 2015 · Lung Regeneration in the Center for Regenerative Medicine

My daughter was the first in the nation to have surgeons dispense regenerative medicine at Via Christi hospital Wichita, Kansas 2009 and little did I know my husband would need the same regenerative therapy but with different doctors and surgeons, it has been almost impossible. Yes my daughters esphoagus grew back in 11 days in the hospital at age 33 but my husband being 66 needed a new heart and new lungs. So far the hearts has already recovered in 3 months but the lungs is a different matter. He has been off oxygen for weeks now however the damage done to his neck from the trama of saving his life was great and the fact there are no doctors locally that understand regenerative medicine. They put in a trach but since we live in a remote area, there are no respitory help – so wish we had any expertise.

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