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Apr 18, 2014 · Stem Cells for Treatment of ALS at Mayo Clinic

Colorado15yr ALS research shows clearly that any stem cell therapy will have difficulty getting past the gauntlet of destructive molecules that are formed and hold their ground in the ALS afflicted. This research shows that ALS is a protein structure injury in a biochemical form, not a motor neuron disease. Stop the compromising of the protein structure and you start the process of recovery. This is immensely complicated because if you do not know the environmental trigger and biochemical cause of ALS in a natural form there can be no viable treatment or therapy for ALS. Colorado ALS research designed a methodology that would solve the entire biochemistry of ALS and therefore the exact opposite. And succeeded. New cells (stem) will face the same obstacles as the old cells even if the new cells act as nursemaids to the old cells. The body has to be corrected from the biochemistry that ALS represents and only one method can accomplish this. Please be advised.

Daniel R. Hale Colorado ALS research

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