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Valid points! I also have AMD and there are some trials out there – not related to regenerative medicine…ask your Retina Doctor.
As for the regenerative medicine clinic at Mayo, they appear to be aggressively developing this exciting new sector! They are actually regenerating donated lungs that perhaps are not quite transplantable!
Agreed they r not quite there, but I believe they r well underway with it. Yes, it will take time…in the meantime baby steps!
Good luck!

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Replies to "Valid points! I also have AMD and there are some trials out there - not related..."

Thank you for the reply. Millions of people out here are desperately looking for help. They go from clinic to clinic, search the web grasp at straws etc. with little success. Then Mayo publishes information about their regenerative research, making it sound like this is just around the corner. They even have someone heading up divirisity to ensure the under-served can get in on this.
In reality, this is so far in the future. Only a select few will benefit when some of it doe's come about since medicare and insurance do not cover the hundreds of thousands that these procedures cost.
Don't give us unrealistic hope is my point.

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