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Diversity should include a major effort to help many of us who (regardless of race or ethnicity) are members of the "senior citizens" segment of this country…many of whom are desperately in need of regenerative medicine with regard to Degenerative Spine Disease, Orthopedics Regenerative medicines, AMD, etc…of course medicare not covering the costs precludes many who are in need from even considering it.
Suggest a contingent from Mayo present to Congress the need for medicare coverage of Regenerative Medicine.

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It seems like Mayo is putting the cart in front of the horse. They write about all the possibilities for regenerative medicine and get patients hopes up. In reality, as far as I can tell no procedures have finished clinical trials and been approved, Right now the only thing Medicare will cover related to stem cells is therapies for a handful of cancers. Not regenerative. These procedures cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It doesn't seem like Mayo should be concerned about diversity yet.
I have AMD and at first, I thought there might be some hope, but now I doubt there will be anything in my lifetime.

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