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May a former smoker be evaluated now in your regenerative medicine clinic; to detect any cancerous cells present? Or am I getting ahead of myself? My brother at 8yrs through 12 yrs spent many months at Mayo in Rochester due to his malignant brain tumor. It was from’1950-54, back in the dark ages. My parents actually flew up there when flying was not common. My dad was treated there in 54 for luekemia as well. Cancer never ended well back then and their illnesses, treatment, and deaths just destroyed our family. So this is magical news and I know my father would possibly have been saved!! Now w another scared little sister & daughter will get her loved ones back and that’s healing in itself for me. Thank you all Mayo Clinic. That old hospital and Dr Charles were like angels to me. Mother and I spoke of the clinic in hushed, reverent tones as if it were a cathedral at least. Please keep healing all the brothers and dads!

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Ne puede dar mas información tiene diabetis insuficiencia renal ase dialisis lo podra curar las celulas madre o algun numero de contacto

Thank you for reaching out to Mayo Clinic and the Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics. Also, thank you for your kind words regarding Mayo Clinic. We certainly continue to strive to live by the words of the Mayo brothers: “ The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.”
Although we are working hard to come up with new treatment options and new ways to detect various diseases, we do not have a regenerative medicine clinic, per se. Since we are a research center, we conduct research trials and do not see patients as one would typically see in the clinic.
If you are interested in more information regarding our comprehensive cancer center you can find it here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/mayo-clinic-cancer-center. If you would like to see if there are any clinical trials for early detection, you can call our Cancer Clinical Trials Office at: 855-776-0015 (toll-free).

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