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I don't know how I could forget the constant chronic pain that I am in 24-7. I never get a full nights sleep either. Before the Opioid Crisis I was given Vicodin tablets that I could take PRN, up to 3/day. The pills only lasted 3hrs but, it was 3hrs I could be relatively comfortable to do my own grocery shopping, maybe go to lunch with a friend, or a movie, even someone's retirement dinner for a couple of hours, not any more. I took them for 20 yrs., never abused them, there were days when I didn't take any. Most days 2tabs.But I was able to get around and do things with friends.Now I get 20tabs about every 4 months and am afraid to take them because a worse day may come, but as a result I go from bed to chair, have gained weight and am very depressed. I will end this now. Sorry, I know no one really wants to hear it. But it stinks…Bev Sawyer, R.N.

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