July 3, 2019

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota: Executing Big Hairy Audacious Goals

By Susan Buckles susanbuckles

The excitement at the 2019 Regenerative Medicine Minnesota meeting was palpable. Health care providers, scientists, educators, students, lawmakers and life sciences entrepreneurs mobilized to celebrate the BHAG—big hairy audacious goals in transforming health care. The BHAG challenge: develop new solutions and innovations that establish Minnesota as a world class leader and destination for advancing regenerative […]

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Tags: #Dr. Jakub Tolar, #Fetal surgery research, #Spinal cord injury research, Dr. Andre Terzic, Dr. Saranya Wyles, Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine Minnesota

April 12, 2019

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Collaboration

By centerforregmedmc centerforregmedmc

Mayo Clinic and The Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine in Oklahoma City are collaborating within a consortium to help patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, also known as HLHS, a rare and complex form of congenital heart disease in which the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped. The collaboration is expanding the development of cell-based, […]

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Tags: hypoplastic left heart syndrome, OU Medicine, Timothy Nelson

What's Old is New Again

December 6, 2018

What’s Old is New Again

By centerforregmedmc centerforregmedmc

People, on average, are living longer than ever before. In part, this is due to medical advances that have made it possible to save more people from life-threatening diseases, injuries and congenital conditions. But as people live longer, they’re more likely to acquire chronic diseases or develop age-related conditions. After the onset of most chronic […]

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Tags: Dr. Jay Smith, Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, Medical Research, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, stem cells

April 11, 2017

Mayo Clinic Investigators Receive Biobusiness/Biotechnology and Education Awards from ‘Regenerative Medicine Minnesota’

By centerforregmedmc centerforregmedmc

Five Mayo Clinic investigators were selected to receive 2017 Education and Biobusiness/Biotechnology Awards from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota. Regenerative Medicine Minnesota is a joint venture between the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic, and funded by the Minnesota Legislature, with the goal of distributing millions of dollars to advance regenerative medicine in the state through research, education, healthcare, […]

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Tags: awards, grants, Mayo Clinic research, regenerative medicine, Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, stem cells, University of Minnesota

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