August 9, 2018

Subscribe to the Mayo Clinic Regenerative Medicine Blog

By centerforregmedmc

You can now subscribe to receive email updates from the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine blog. You may choose to have updates sent as soon as they're published or have a weekly email digest sent once per week (recommended).

Follow these instructions to subscribe by email:

  • On the right hand side of the blog homepage, select “register.”
  • Create a user name, enter your email address, and create a password.
  • Keep the box checked to receive updates from the Center for Regenerative Medicine.
  • Click “activate my account.”

You are now registered to receive a weekly email notification (sent Fridays) from the Center for Regenerative Medicine blog. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

To access your account settings after registration, select the icon on the top right of the screen (see image below) and click on “Account Settings.” Here you can complete your profile by adding a photo, biography, and more, if you choose (not required). You can also edit your email address and change your password on this screen.

Leaving comments on blog posts:
Once you are registered, you are able to comment on blog posts. You have the option to receive an email notification when someone responds to your comment. Go to your account settings, scroll down to email notifications, and select “Edit” to the right of “Posts” (see image below). Checking this box enables you to participate in the ongoing conversation.

We encourage your comments on the blog, and hope you will join the discussions. We review comments before they are posted. Comments that are off-topic or promoting a commercial product won't make the cut. Mutual respect is a must, and profanity and abusive language is out-of-bounds. For more information see our comment policy.

We monitor but generally do not respond to comments. For comments regarding individual medical cases and issues, please remember that comments are public for all to see. For your privacy, we suggest that you direct your questions to the Regenerative Medicine Consult Service, Mayo’s front door to regenerative therapies and research. To make an appointment, please call us at 844-276-2003 (toll-free).

If you have questions about registering, please contact Jennifer Schutz at

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