March 8, 2018

Bridging the Gap

By centerforregmedmc

Forward-thinking leadership, unparalleled expertise and a commitment to solving unmet patient needs allow Mayo Clinic to bridge the gap between the delivery of traditional health care today and the rapid advancement of revolutionary care in the near future.

Increasing Translational Capabilities

Traditionally, it could take years for physician-scientists to develop the essential expertise to create regenerative therapies and traverse the regulatory process. Today, experts across Mayo Clinic have access to resources that empower any specialty to advance new discoveries toward regenerative treatments. By seamlessly integrating manufacturing with regulatory and clinical trial competence, these translational capabilities collectively position the Center for Regenerative Medicine as an attractive partner and enabler in revolutionizing patient care. Continuing to build and enhance this work is pivotal to success.

The infrastructure required to achieve rapid translation of discoveries into transformative therapies for patients is essential to developing the future of medicine.

Together, several platforms make this translational work possible.

  • Early feasibility studies and first-in-human phase I and phase II clinical trials lay the groundwork for advancing discoveries.
  • Having a patient’s own cells readily available is critical, as they are often used as a starting point for regenerative therapies.
  • Off-the-shelf, cell-free regenerative therapies have the advantage of being immediately available, much like conventional medical therapies.
  • Manufacturing many stem cell doses at one time ensures that every patient can receive the same benefit.
  • Guidance on designing clinical trials, validating therapies and providing large-scale production of lifesaving treatments empower Mayo’s best and brightest to focus on innovation.


Artist's rendering of building in Discovery Square.

Building Powerful Collaborations

Destination Medical Center (DMC) is a robust economic development initiative dedicated to creating a global destination for health and wellness. Within DMC, Discovery Square is being developed as a center for health care innovation where world-leading medical practitioners, educators, researchers and businesses come together as a thriving hub to develop powerful solutions.

Mayo Clinic serves as an anchor tenant in the first Discovery Square building, allowing for powerful collaboration to exist between Mayo and the world. The Center for Regenerative Medicine will use this newly dedicated space to create safe and effective products for therapeutic treatment.


Educating Future Health Care Leaders

Recognizing the importance of regenerative medicine to the future research and practice of health care, Mayo Clinic is committed to providing numerous opportunities for current health care practitioners and students to become educated in this new and evolving field – building the workforce of the future.

The first class of students in the Regenerative Sciences Training Program: Paige Arneson (biochemistry & molecular biology), Emma Goddery (neuroimmunology), and Christopher Paradise (molecular biology & experimental therapeutics).

Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences launched a new program of transdisciplinary  doctoral training in regenerative sciences. A first-of-its-kind program, this educational opportunity is designed to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills necessary for the discovery, translation and application of regenerative solutions. This advanced education is essential for students pursuing leadership in the regenerative health care space.


Creating New Patient Care Delivery Models

With the creation of revolutionary treatments, Mayo Clinic has also pioneered new ways to deliver care. Regenerative Medicine Therapeutic Suites provide a patient-focused space that integrates clinical functions and a laboratory where each patient’s own cells are processed for treatment. This could serve as a progressive point-of-care model for the future, and is currently being used while treating musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee.

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